Embrace the Scary With the Best Scream Queens of All Time

| Halloween

Tippi Hedren

There are no lovebirds to be found in Alfred Hitchcock's thriller, The Birds, and Tippi Hedren makes us fear seagulls, crows and chickens alike. Viciously attacked by birds of all kinds, Hedren is just trying to find love - and keep your coif perfected - as the species follow her everywhere, even in the last scene of the film.



Lee Remick

Oh Damien, it was not meant to be from the very beginning as he is brought into his adopted parents life while in a hospital in Rome in The Omen. Things were never the same after that and Remick screamed her way through his formidable terrorizing years. 



Neve Campbell

THE highest grossing slasher film, Scream was partially over-the-top/parody-like (which it then became) partially terrifying horror film appealing to teens and twenty-something everywhere. Cambell's Sidney Prescott seemed like your typical "girl next door" character until she channeled her inner-Jamie Lee Curtis and took the mask down. Until the next installment, at least.



Jamie Lee Curtis

Like mother, like daughter and as Curtis stepped into the limelight with Halloween, horror flick fans were waiting to see if she had the scream chops her mother, Janet Leigh did. As Laurie Strode opposite the terrifying Michael, Curtis did not disappoint and helped take the film to becoming the highest-grossing independent film at the time.



Janet Leigh, Psycho

Not many horror film queens have been as celebrated by their peers as Janet Leigh has been, nominated for an Academy Award and taking home the Best Supporting Actress Golden Globe for her portrayal in Alfred Hitchcock's legendary film, Psycho. She made us second-guess showers, or at least double-check the lock before we partake.



Adrienne King

The hidden agenda is not totally lost on the Friday the 13th audience, King's character Alice might as well have invented the term "goody goody" as she does not partake in any of the camp shenanigans: drinking, dugs and ahem...hooking up. Of course that means that she survives...through the first film, at least.



Heather Langenkamp

In addition to queens Curtis and King, Langenkamp's character Nancy Thompson in Nightmare on Elm Street was not about to wait for a man to jump in and save her. She faced Freddy face (and tongue) first. 


Evelyn Ankers

Classic movie buffs know Ankers well, as she was one of the original scream queens starring in nearly 50 films including The Wolfman, Son of Dracula and The Ghost of Frankenstein in the 1940s before retiring her "Queen of Screamers" reign to become a housewife.  



Marilyn Burns

Texas Chainsaw Massacre keeps the screaming to a minimum...except for the last half hour of the film. In TCM, as Burns attempts to escape the epic leatherface character, her pipes are put to the test. In the final minutes of the film, Burns makes her final - terrifying - scream, covered in blood and maniacal as she breaks free on the back of a pick-up truck.


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