Police Under Investigation After Using Taser, Nightstick on Student

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***WARNING: Some viewers may find this video graphic.

Police in Tuscaloosa are under investigation after being filmed using a taser and night stick on a student on Nov. 8, AL.com reports.

It seems that police were called to an apartment at around 3 a.m. about a noise complaint. The above video is compiled from numerous cameras filming both inside and outside of the apartment.

"They had a girl and two boys on the ground,'' a witness told the publication. "They were all screaming and everybody was videoing it."

All three of the individuals were taken into custody. One of the males mentioned can also be seen being tased and beaten in the video.

"I have forwarded the video to our Internal Affairs investigators,'' Tuscaloosa police Chief Steve Anderson told AL.com. "They will begin an investigation tomorrow."

"The City of Tuscaloosa and the Tuscaloosa Police Department have been made aware of videos regarding an incident that occurred on November 8, 2015 at 3:19 a.m. that were a result of a loud music call. A full investigation of the circumstances that are depicted in these videos will be conducted and all appropriate measures taken to ensure the integrity of the Tuscaloosa Police Department in serving the citizens of Tuscaloosa."

In addition to being offers from the Tuscaloosa Police Deparment, the University of Alabama Police Department was also involved. The university released the following statement Monday:

"We are aware of the incident and we remain very concerned about the welfare of all students who were there, especially those who were arrested. We have reached out to provide support to them, and will continue to provide services they need. We can confirm that three UAPD officers responded to a TPD officer's call for emergency assistance that morning, and we are reviewing their actions to verify they acted appropriately. We encourage other students who have been impacted by this matter to contact the university's Counseling Center at 205-348-3863."

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(Photo: AL.com)