7 Easy Ways To Feng Shui Your Home

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Just like your meticulously selected summer ensembles are a direct reflection of yourself, so is your home and the things you surround yourself with. And in addition to looking fabulous, a calm home reflects a calm self: a clean, organized space can greatly affect your mental and emotional state. Which is why we are huge fans of the feng shui method to help design our homes with harmony while keeping them stylish and functional.

The ancient Chinese art of feng shui says you can rejuvenate your life by simply moving a few things around in your home; it’s based on the idea that your living space reflects your life, and that you need to find a balance in both. But incorporating this practice into your daily life doesn’t have to be intimidating -- with a few simple steps you can easily reap the stress-free benefits of feng shui, and it doesn't cost a dime.

Eliminate Clutter
In the feng shui method, clutter is a big no-no. It’s essential for energy to be able to flow throughout your space, and the presence of clutter inhibits that flow; adversely, when there’s no energy flow, the result is negative energy. Taking a few minutes each day to get rid of things you don’t need or want will over time create a de-cluttered, calming space and much more room for positive energy flow.

Open the Door
Creating an open and inviting pathway into your home allows positive energy easy and convenient access to your space. Your front door should be clean and simple and easy to open, and the first thing people see when they walk in said door should be something beautiful like a pretty piece of art or some other sort of eye-pleasing focal point.

Add Some Greenery
Incorporating nature into your home is a guaranteed way to bring forth a sense of peace. Therefore, add vibrantly colored house plants to every room in your home and aim to receive as much natural light into your space as possible by opening doors and windows and keeping curtains open. An added bonus is that plants purify the air and absorb household toxins, allowing you to breath deeper and more calmly. Snake plants, fiddle leaf fig trees and areca palms are all beautiful options that you can successfully grow indoors. 

Be Mindful of Mirrors
Mirrors are great tools in this practice because they can facilitate many tricks, like enhancing natural light and dispersing a natural flow of energy. Make sure you place mirrors where you’d like to reflect something beautiful, as mirrors are also great ways to reflect energy. For example, if you’re placing a mirror somewhere in the kitchen, check to make sure it doesn’t reflect the trash can, which will produce low or negative energy. Place mirrors in rooms that need to be energized or a room you’d like to make feel more spacious, and make sure to hang mirrors high enough that seated guests aren't stuck looking at themselves.

Avoid Straight Lines
This is in reference to hanging art or any sort of wall décor: when you hang your art in a straight line, the sharp, blunt edges of the layout can jut out in an aggressive manner and affect the positive flow of energy. To remedy this, many people opt for eclectic and laid-back gallery walls that help to smooth out the room and create a flow of positive energy -- not to mention gallery walls, when done correctly, are gorgeous and unique portrayals of your own style and personality.

Focus on the Bedroom
According to the feng shui method, the bedroom is one of the most important rooms and should never be overlooked. Your bedroom should be your oasis; it should provoke peace and rest and balance. When it comes to your bedding, use soft, fluffy comforters and pillows with soothing, sensual materials. And when setting up your room, try to place the bed headboard against a wall facing the entrance to your bedroom door, so you won’t be startled when someone enters the room. Lastly, avoid storing things underneath the bed or stacking things on your nightstand.

Keep a Balance
Feng shui calls for balance in every room, specifically when it comes to mixing light and heavy objects. Lots of heavy furniture points to a very heavy life; but on the other hand, too much light furniture can mean you aren’t grounded. By mixing light and heavy elements, you can achieve a sense of balance and stability. 

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