Womanista Exclusive: Country Stars Share Advice From Their Fathers

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Today we celebrate the incredible fathers in our lives and while they deserve 365 days of 'thanks' from us, we enjoy this dedicated day where we can shower them with love and appreciation.

At CMA Fest and the 2016 CMT Awards, we caught up with some of our favorite country stars for some of the best advice they received from dear dad

Sadie Robertson
"Well that’s actually really funny, because my dad — whenever I was little, he nicknamed me 'The Original.' And he told me, 'Sadie, you are an original person. Never forget how original you are.' And he said that when I was like five years old and said it to me daily. And that’s why my book’s named the 'Original.' And that’s why the tour’s named 'Original.' Now I made a brand. So definitely what dad said has stuck with me."

Jamie Lynn Spears
"My daughter’s birthday is actually on Father’s Day. So it’ll be a special one for us. My daddy always said that if it doesn’t make you better, you don’t need it. That’s something I live by."

Sara Evans
"Jay’s (her husband) dad used to use this acronym with him all the time saying that the word “DATE” stands for "Divine Appointment to Encourage” — so we always tell our boys when you take a girl out or date her, bring her home better than she was when you took her out. You should be able to go to any ex-boyfriend or ex-girlfriend’s wedding, and be fine. We’ve tried to pound all of that in because there’s nothing worse than making a wrong decision. Or a wrong decision too soon — too young."

Rascal Flatts
Jay DeMarcus: "No, you know… my dad was pretty hard on me growing up and I’m grateful that he was. He was one of those guys who always pushed me to be better, to do better, and I learned a lot from him." 

Joe Don Rooney: "I left for Nashville, Tennessee, 1988 — my dad’s birthday. January 8. He did say one thing, ‘Well, you never know unless you go, son.’ That’s stuck with me forever."

Hillary Scott
"My dad is a really incredible man. He’s a very strong man. He’s all the things you pray to have in a good daddy. I think my favorite thing about him is he’s always talked to me. He’s always communicated with me — asked me how I’ve felt about things, how I was doing with school, with friendships. He’s never not made me communicate about whatever was going on in my life at that point — no matter what age. He’s the first person I call when I have a problem, or a question. I come home, I talk to my husband — I get his thoughts, his heart behind whatever’s going on. And then I call my dad. He’s my first call."

Martina McBride
"He really believed in me. There was never a talk about a Plan B – it was always this belief that if I was in the right place at the right time, I had as good of a chance as anyone else. Which I think was such a gift for me. That’s something I try to instill in my kids is just go for it. My daughter wants to be an actress, she’s 18 years old – she doesn’t have a Plan B. And I’m like, ‘Yeah, that’s it!’ If you have a Plan B, then you think at some level you might fail. She said, ‘Mom, do you really think I can make it as an actress?’ And I said, ‘Yeah, absolutely! If you have as good of a chance as anybody – so, just go for it.’ So that was something that my dad gave me that I think was really important to getting me here."

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