5-Year-Old Magnolia Strebe Shows off Her Impressive Hairstyling Techniques

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My latest tutorial how to get a Princess Bell inspired bridal style. Hope you like it! #toddlerhairstylist #confessionsofaminihairstylist

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Move over Vidal Sassoon, there is a new top stylist in town and she is only 5 years old!

Magnolia Strebe, also known on Instagram as Confessions of a Mini Stylist, asked her mother one day if she could have one of the hair mannequins that are used for her mother’s styling classes, according to TODAY. The next thing anyone knew, Magnolia was styling hair with the best of them!

“I looked over and go, “Oh my god. That looks really good,” Magnolia's mother, Jenny, said.

Magnolia would attend her mother’s styling classes to help sell t-shirts, but it was clear that she was doing more than just sitting around — she was learning. Jenny said that Magnolia has mastered everything from rope braids and updos, to curling irons. When she does need help, however, she asks her mom and further directs her so everything is just right.

“She plays with Barbies and says ‘I’m a hairstylist,’ but I never forced it on her,” Jenny said.


The braided bun bun by me! #confessionsofaminihairstylist #toddlerhairstylist

A video posted by 5 Year Old Hairstylist (@confessionsofaminihairstylist) on

Magnolia has since put up her own video tutorials on her Instagram account so you can achieve her signature 'dos. So many people have been taken by this mini-stylist that Magnolia was just hired for her first gig! She will be styling for a toddler fashion show.

“It’s been so empowering and amazing to see. She is very proud and excited about her hairstyles,” Jenny said.

Needless to say, we’ll be watching her videos in hopes of nailing these amazing 'dos too!