LIFE HACK: The Chemical-Free Way to Clean Your Kitchen Faucet

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That unsightly ring around your sink faucet seems to be growing by the day. Gross. No matter how much you scrub or rub, it does not seem to get any less unsightly or clean. Your trusty sponge and favorite dish soap cannot cut it for this cleaning project because hard water is the culprit. Think you have to just live with the grime, no fear, Womanistas, there is an easy life hack to the rescue.

What You Need
Distilled white vinegar
Paper towels
A tooth brush 

Now What?
1. Soak paper towels in the distilled white vinegar and wrap around the faucet where you notice the hard water and leave wrapped for 20-30 minutes.

2. Remove the paper towels and dip the tooth brush in vinegar, scrub the remaining hard water with the tooth brush. 

3. Wipe clean with soapy water.

Why It Works
Hard water is the culprit and your usual cleaning arsenal will not do the trick because of the hard water makeup. Hard water is high in dissolved minerals, specifically calcium and magnesium. The amount of hardness minerals in water affects the amount of soap and detergent necessary for cleaning.  Soap used in hard water combines with the minerals to form a sticky soap mixture - rather than leave a clean faucet.

Vinegar has the capability of breaking down the hard water residue and not only will clean the rings around the faucet, but can be used on your kitchen faucet sprayer, handles and anywhere else you spot hard water rings. It's a safe and chemical-free way to make your kitchen as clean as can be!

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