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What was once the holder of our drinks and a photo album here and there has become the prime focus of our living rooms: the coffee table. Luxe, plush couches and vintage rugs once had our hearts as the focus of our favorite room, that has all changed with our need to style and re-style our coffee table.

There is something so gratifying and exciting when we find that perfect knick knack, vase or book that will complete the coffee table styling -- for now. And that is the beauty of the coffee table, whenever we have the need for a change, a few swaps of tabletop items and a completely new look is born. Whether in a modern mood or a rustic vibe, there is a coffee table style to match.

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(Photo: Hi Sugar Plum Blog)

Books and More Books
Showcase your literary and design style all-in-one with your favorite books front and center. We love the collage of book covers -- especially Design Sponge -- colors and simple accents.

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(Photo: Pinterest)

The nautical theme has been everywhere this summer and you can turn your living room into a beach haven with a few simple coffee table pieces including the very theme appropriate Beaches book. 

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(Photo: Pinterest)

Your living room serves many functions including a family gathering place and a haven for relaxation. We love these mercury candles and fresh blooms  for a calming space.

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(Photo: Pinterest)

The pairing of this neutral cowhide rug, vintage-themed coffee table and storage trunk with the simple rustic antler accent has our hearts.

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(Photo: Pinterest)

Black and White
Modern, sleek and chic -- this coffee table style is a fashionista's dream. Only fashion icon books need apply for this tabletop!

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 11.05.59 AM
(Photo: One King's Lane) 

Think Outside the Box
Who says you need to conform to styling your coffee table with items purely on top of it? This acrylic coffee table is a creative and unique way to showcase your favorite items.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 11.09.03 AM
(Photo: Sarah Richardson Design) 

Bold and Beautiful
Aqua and ikat, the styling of this coffee table is the backdrop for the complementary shades of the vase and books. 

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