LIFE HACK: How to Remove Sweat Stains From White Shirts

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We have all been there, your favorite fitted white button down or comfy tee-shirt goes from clean and crisp white to unfortunately sweat stained. Think the only solution is to ditch the shirt? Try again, you can salvage your favorite shirt with a little elbow grease and a new go-to life hack.

What You Need
2 cups of luke warm water
1 large towel
1 cup of white vinegar
1/2 cup of baking soda
1 TB hydrogen peroxide

Now What?
1. In a large bowl or container, combine the vinegar and water. Place the shirt in the container for 20-30 minutes. 
2. In a separate small bowl, mix the baking soda and hydrogen peroxide until it forms a paste. Remove the shirt from the vinegar water and gently squeeze until the shirt is just damp.
3. Once the shirt is damp and not dripping wet, lay it flat on the large towel. Scoop the baking soda mixture with a spoon and coat the sweat stains with the mixture, let it sit with the mixture on it for 15-20 minutes.
4. Place the shirt in the wash alone or with other white clothing items.

Why it Works
Sweat stains on a white shirts are not actually caused by your sweat. They are the result of the reaction between your deodorant and the fabric. Most deodorants are aluminum-based and that is the culprit for the reaction. By now, you have probably come to love the natural cleaning powers of white vinegar and baking soda, the addition of hydrogen peroxide creates an even more powerful cleaning agent without damaging the garment. It should be noted that if you have a silk or dry-clean only blouse, leave it to the experts to remove the stains as the paste might be too harsh on the fabric. Save future shirts with an all-natural deodorant with one of our Womanista Approved picks.

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