How to Style a Dreamy Bed

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The bed you hop into every night should be your oasis; the pretty, tranquil place you escape to at the end of a particularly long work day or a day of chasing your rowdy littles around. Unfortunately, a lot of times the style in and around our bed mirrors our hectic lives: messy, stressful and chaotic with not a peaceful moment in sight. 

It’s time to change that, Womanistas – make your bedroom your own personal gorgeous getaway with this dreamy bed guide, as well and our complete round up of Womanista Approved bed pillows and linens. Even when the rest of your house looks like a tornado has swept through it leaving a never ending trail of shoes, toys and cheesy goldfish in its wake, your bed can be a beautiful, serene style haven and the rest of your life might feel a little more pulled together. 

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Unique Headboard
Every good bedroom has to have even better bones, which is why we suggest starting with a totally unique and eye-catching headboard to build upon.

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(Photo: Instagram / @studiomcgee)

Pile On The Pretty Pillows
You can never have too many pretty pillows piled on your bed, especially when they come in all different colors and prints; we love mixing and matching fabrics for an eclectic yet still pulled together look.

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(Photo: Instagram / @jillianharris)

All White Everything
There’s nothing we love more than a clean, crisp, all-white comforter paired with an all-white space with an extreme minimalist vibe to clear our minds and soothe our souls.

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(Photo: Instagram / @amberinteriors)

Natural Elements Nearby
A big fiddle leaf fig tree, pretty potted succulents, bright natural light and raw, reclaimed wood accents make this space feel organic and serene and beyond refreshing.

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(Photo: Alyssa Rosenheck / Instagram / @redohomeanddesign)

A Show-Stopping Rug Foundation
A one of a kind vintage rug will take any bedroom from pretty to insanely gorgeous when it becomes the focal point of the entire space; make it more unique by layering a few rugs for added texture and dimension.

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(Photo: Instagram / @greyandscout)

Classically Neutral
When in doubt, keep things neutral and classic; muted grays and taupes are incredibly calming and allow you to easily switch out accessories and add in pops of color with books or fresh flowers.

Be sure to check out the full Womanista Approved list of accessories to beautify your bed, complete with detailed product information, where to buy and why they are our editors' favorites! 

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