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When it comes to our homes, we love unexpected touches. Sometimes we can achieve that with chic accessories or a fresh coat of paint, but other times it calls for something on a larger scale.

Our current favorite trend when it comes to unique home décor? Gray hardwood floors. The epitome of the minimalist vibe we love, they give everything else in your house a clean, crisp aesthetic. The look has been exploding all over design blogs and Pinterest boards, so we decided to explore this fabulous trend and all the different ways you can incorporate it into your own home.

(Photo: Muuto)

Pair It With Pastels
If you’re needing a pop of color, opt for something soft and neutral instead of loud and bright by adding pastel accents in mint green or coral; they will really pop against a gray floor.

(Photo: Home Bunch)

Make It A Herringbone Pattern
Make the floor the focal point of your home with gray hardwoods in a classic pattern like herringbone; keep the rest of your space simple and clean to keep things from looking too busy.

(Photo: The Apartment)

With Crisp White Walls
We already love a clean white wall anyways, but seeing it juxtaposed to gray hardwoods takes the look to a new, fresh level; plus, only using white and gray elements allows more room for colorful or patterned furniture like a fabulous pink sofa. 

(Photo: Magdalena Tyboni Art)

Mix And Match With Marble
Another huge trend currently is anything and everything marble, which just so happens to look amazing paired with gray hardwood floors. Marble wallpaper, marble desk accessories, marble shelving – the sky is the limit with this pretty trend.

(Photo: Badlands)

Paint A Wall
Painting an accent wall– or even the entire room – a fun color like these pale pink and green walls can create a beautiful contrast with any shade of gray hardwood floors while creating dimension in your space.

Jill Hinson Interiors
(Photo: Jill Hinson Interiors)

Dive Into The Dark Side
For a dramatic look, opt for dark gray hardwood floors to make a bold statement throughout your home; just make sure to keep walls and furniture light and airy for nice contrast.

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