How to Style Open Shelves in Every Room of Your Home

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No cabinets? No problem. If you're working with a smaller area or lacking in closet or storage space, rows of open shelving can be your saving grace when it comes to stylish displays; think of it as an extension of your home décor and design instead of simply storing things. 

From your bathroom to your kitchen and every room in between, beautifully styled open shelving is one of our favorite looks throughout our homes.

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Use shelves in your bathroom to neatly store everyday essentials: mesh baskets can house extra toilet paper, glass canisters can display soaps in the prettiest way, and woven baskets can hold stacks of folded hand towels as well as hide an array of stray toiletries like extra toothpaste and deodorant.

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Open shelving in the kitchen can be just as stylish at it is functional; display stacks of your prettiest dishes and bowls, add a row of coffee mugs for easy access in the mornings, line your shelves with artisan glass canisters of kitchen essentials like flour and sugar, and use the height of your top shelf to feature larger, more unique pieces like ornate cake stands or pitchers. Add texture and dimension by peppering in natural elements like small succulents or small-framed prints.

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Even though your pantry is hidden behind closed doors, that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t put a little extra effort into styling the open shelving. Use double-decker and stacking storage pieces to maximize shelf space, turntables with a wide, spinning base and baskets with visible labels like “snacks” or “baking” for easy organization and convenient access.

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Living Room
If you’re lucky enough to have white as a background, the possibilities are endless for styling open shelves in your living room; layer colors and textures with the help of natural wood accents like driftwood branches, ceramic vases, stacks of your favorite books and unexpected geometric shapes.

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Playrooms can still look pulled together by keeping all loose toys stowed away in bins, closets and cabinets and keeping your shelves neat, tidy and totally adorable with the help of a few finishing touches like colorful prints, kid-friendly globes, chic stuffed animals and wooden accents like your little one’s initials.

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