LIFE HACK: The Best Way to Peel a Kiwi

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Don't get us wrong, fancy kitchen gadgets -- especially in the color of rose gold and white -- are some of our favorite things. However, there comes a time when we probably don't need a drawer filled with various fruit and veggie cutters, slicers and dicers. There has to be a better way than to purchase a gadget for every kind of food item. And there is. Behold, the power of a simple kitchen item and minimal use of a knife!

What You'll Need

Drinking glass
Cutting board

Now What?

1. Place the kiwi on a cutting board and cut the fruit in half lengthwise.
2. Next, place one of the halves on the edge of the glass, with only the peel on the outer side of the edge.
3. Begin to apply pressure to the top of the fruit while holding the glass in place so that the peel will slip off smoothly and quickly.

Megen DiSanto |

Megen (yes, it's spelled that way even though autocorrect claims false) is a cowboy boot wearing native Chicagoan with a passion for all things DIY.