Instant Home Refresh: The Prettiest Pottery

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Sometimes all it takes is one small addition to totally refresh any room in your house. Case in point: pretty pottery.

Pottery is one of the most versatile accessories you can use for home décor — whether it’s a vase, bowl, planter or spice dish, pottery pieces are just as lovely as they are practical and useful around your home.

Whether you use them to decorate your open shelving, to display your prized fiddle leaf fig tree or just to eat your morning cereal out of, you’ll love the instant beauty boost pottery gives your space.

(Photo: Hinkleville)

Display Small Succulents
Sprinkle succulents throughout your home for little breaths of fresh air everywhere you turn and pot them in a small, pretty marbled planter.

(Photo: One & Many)

Elevate Everyday Kitchenware
Ditch the plain bowls and plates and opt for dreamy, glossy-glazed, ceramic bowls for ultimate urban style.

(Photo: Classy Ceramics)

Decorate With Vases
A handmade ceramic vase doesn’t even need a bouquet of flowers in it to be beautiful (although fresh flowers never hurt!).

(Photo: Mociun)

Step Up Your Serving Dishes
When hosting friends for dinner, opt for a unique, earthy serving bowl with a bold geometric pattern to add an element of style to your tablescape.

(Photo: West Elm)

House Your Fiddle Leaf Figs
Large indoor plants are definitely having a moment; no matter what type of hefty houseplant you pick, make sure to pot it in a pretty ceramic planter with solid wood legs.

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