The Best Smart Home Devices of 2016

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Just when we think we’re up on the latest technology, a new concept bursts onto the scene and totally blows our minds! We already have our most beloved smart devices that make us wonder how we ever truly lived our daily lives before them but with the way things are, there’s always room for more.

From smart locks to smart lights, we’ve got your new and improved smart home needs covered as you head into a new season. 

Amazon Echo
The Echo is a smart speaker that can control your whole house, and you’ll quickly wonder how you ever managed without it. Practical and accessible, the voice-activated speaker boasts a growing list of "skills" like playing any music on command, reading you those morning headlines, setting timers while you cook, managing your to-do lists and even turning your lights out for you at night. 

Belkin WeMo Switch Wifi Outlet + Motion Sensor
Simply plug anything you want into this switch and you’ll be able to turn it off and on from your phone or schedule it to turn off and on automatically. It also offers full IFTTT integration, which is a popular, useful and absolutely free online tool that links your favorite apps, social networks and web services in order to further manage your home. At a relatively low price, the plug-and-play simplicity is as affordable as it is practical and appealing.

Nest Learning Thermostat
This is the same great Nest we have come to know and love, but it now offers a more charming appearance. With a gorgeous design and slimmer profile, the Nest provides a larger display, better resolution and an all-new far-field sensor for viewing time and temperature information from a distance. Although quite pricey, the Nest is considered the most obvious choice for top of the line home heating and cooling regulating. 

SkyBell HD Silver Wifi Video Doorbell
This impressive doorbell camera features color night vision, two-way talking technology, on-demand live streaming to view any time and anywhere, plus motion sensors to detect visitors even if they don’t use the doorbell. On top of that, it provides free video storage and can be integrated with the Amazon Echo and Nest operations for a fully in-sync household.

August Smart Lock Homekit
With a sleek design and an easy-to-install process, this simple software features a deadbolt-turning gadget and offers top-notch performance in home protection. It integrates with Siri via Apple’s HomeKit Software and also works with the Nest platform to produce a reliable locking system that will undoubtedly make your life easier. 

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