High Chair Décor for Baby's First Birthday

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From the minute your new baby enters the world, you’ve probably got a few things on your mind: feeding him, getting him to sleep through the night, and figuring out the theme for his first birthday party.

We firmly believe there’s no such thing as starting too early when it comes to planning the exciting milestone of baby’s first birthday. It’s fun to daydream, design and pin until your heart’s content, and it’s even more fun to see the look of sheer joy on your mini-me’s face when she enjoys the fruits of your birthday labor.

One of the most important pillars of the first birthday party is the decorating of the high chair because that’s where your baby will dig into her celebratory smash cake. As long as you have a sturdy high chair and an imagination, the options are endless for cute, Instagram-worthy ideas. 

(Photo: Kara’s Party Ideas )

Fill it with flowers
Opt for faux flowers to create a gorgeous spread; they will cut down on the stress level that comes with getting fresh flowers the day of the party, they’re much more cost-efficient and you can use them for other occasions long after the party is over.

Mix Fabrics
(Photo: Etsy / Jade & Jo Studio)

Mix and match fabrics
Take a trip to your local craft store and load up on fabrics of all different shapes, sizes, colors and textures for a fun and festive mix-n-match style -- or cut to the chase and order this adorable pre-made version.

(Photo: Smocked Auction)

Turn it into a tutu
Transform your high chair into a tutu skirt for your tiny dancer, or if you're feeling crafty, grab some tulle and make your own! 

banner baloons
(Photo: Etsy / Sweet Georgia Sweet)

Banner and balloons
Double up on décor by attaching a custom banner with your little’s age or name to the front and tying a big bouquet of balloons to the back of the chair.

a small snippet DSC_0086-copy-682x1024
(Photo: A Small Snippet)

Tie on tassels and streamers
Every good party has its fair share of festive streamers; attach them in a single row to your baby’s chair tray or double up rows for a fuller look.

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