Clothing Company Puts Kids Art on Clothing

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picture this
(Photo: Twitter / @TechCrunch)

Ever wanted a truly unique and functional way to showcase your child’s art without having to fill the fridge door with magnets and paper? Now there is a way to turn your kid’s artwork into a fashion statement.

According to Scary Mommy, Picture This is a startup company that is taking kid’s artwork and transferring it on to simple dresses for kids to wear. It’s easy to do, and kids will have lots of fun turning their art into fashion. When visiting their site, parents can print off a design sheet, which is just an outline of the dress pattern. Then kids can color away.

Once the drawing is complete, parents just have to send an image of the drawing in the guideline to Picture This. From there, the artwork will be put on lightweight fabric and cut into easy and wearable dresses.

“These dresses are printed then hand cut and sewed upon order, made right here in the good ol USA (Las Vegas, NV to be exact),” the site reads. “Dresses are made with a soft, lightweight cotton-poly blend fabric — similar to a nice quality t-shirt material.”

Jamiee Newberry is the founder of this company and says that they hope to expand their designs in the future. So, hopefully soon your kids can create t-shirts, skirts or even pants if they wanted too. Currently the company also allows you to purchase a copy of the dress for Barbies and American Girl Dolls.

Fashion designers beware, there is a new way to create signature looks — and it all starts with a box of crayons.