Go Beyond Marble With These Countertop Options

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Whether we’re scrolling our Instagram feed, pinning away on Pinterest or watching our favorite home design show on TV, there’s a pretty noticeable pattern when it comes to kitchen countertops: marble everywhere.

While we do love the look, we also love infusing a little originality and uniqueness into our homes — especially when it’s an unexpected twist. If you’re itching for a kitchen counter update but feel like marble is your only option, we’re opening up a whole new world of countertop options that are a little off the beaten path.

The Kitchn
(Photo: The Kitchn)

Butcher block
Besides their gorgeousness, versatility and natural look, butcher block countertops are made even more attractive thanks to their affordability.

Coco Lapine
(Photo: Coco Lapine Designs)

Stainless steel
Industrial kitchens aren’t the only styles that can pull off a stainless steel countertop; just be sure to balance them with warm, cozy accents like wood tones, inviting wall colors and plenty of natural greenery.

one kind design
(Photo: One Kind Design)

Concrete is an absolutely beautiful yet very durable material that’s fully customizable and comes with a super long lifespan.

Caroline Browne Interior Design
(Photo: Caroline Browne Interior Design)

Glass counter tops are sleek, chic and available in a multitude of colors; plus, they’re ridiculously easy to clean and can give any space a crisp, modern update.

(Photo: The Home Edit)

Reclaimed Wood
The raw, ruggedness of reclaimed wood pairs perfectly with crisp and clean white cabinets, white walls and minimalist accents.

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