Pumpkin Spice Highlighter Is Here and It's the Answer to Our Fall Beauty Prayers

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It’s that glorious time of year again, Womanistas: the time when we can be shamelessly #BASIC and fill our lives with all things pumpkin spice. We start our mornings off with pumpkin spice lattes, light our pumpkin spice candles while we work, snack on handfuls of pumpkin spice M&Ms then cap it all off with some pumpkin spice vodka on the rocks. Yes, pumpkin spice vodka is a thing—what a time to be alive.

But why stop there? Pumpkin spice can now infiltrate your entire life in its newest form: makeup.

Pumpkin spice highlighter has hit the Internet and it’s causing quite a stir amongst pumpkin spice connoisseurs (aka, all of us). It’s basically a brilliant mix of two amazing trends – colored highlighters and everyone’s favorite fall drink—making a product you’ll love wearing almost as much as you love drinking.

Thanks to FeatherRiverBody, an innovative Etsy shop that focuses on mineral makeup formulas, women everywhere can now apply “Pumpkin Latte” shade on their faces for strobing and highlighting. It’s a pale orange hue with a flattering warmth that pairs perfectly with neutral, warm and deep skin tones, with none of the orange-y fake tan color you might be envisioning. It’s also got a slight shimmer and luminosity that’ll brighten any complexion and remedy that dreaded dull, dry skin the fall and winter season so often brings with it.

And the best part of all? It’ll only run you about $5, so you can stock up on enough of it to get you through the entire season.

Go on, feed your insatiable pumpkin spice obsession. 

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(Photo: FeatherRiverBody)

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