Starbucks Is Testing Weekend Brunch!

| Starbucks
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(Photo: Starbucks Melody)

Starbucks may be the next establishment to bring us our favorite meal: Brunch!

The coffee giant confirmed on Monday to Fortune they will be testing a weekend-only brunch menu in 78 locations in Portland, Ore. and Seattle. 

The company often tests new products or ideas they have with their customers and partners and they are still learning from this new one. 

Adding brunch to their weekend menu will take Starbucks to a whole new level. It can grow their brand further than just coffee lovers.

StarbucksMelody reports the menu will consist of French toast, quiche, and Belgian waffles. There will be a limitation on the orders during this launch because all the food will be premade and heated up as it is ordered. Although it is not the traditional way people think about brunch, maybe this will be successful for the coffee store.

What do you think about Starbucks brunch? Would you want to go? 

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