Sexy Harambe Costumes Might Actually Become A Thing This Halloween

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Three months after his tragic death, Harambe the gorilla continues to rule the Internet and it doesn't look like that trend is coming to an end any time soon. With Halloween just around the corner, it seems as if the popular memes of the fallen primate have sparked some of the hottest costumes of the season.

Of course, it is worth noting that did not specifically make a costume labeled "Sexy Harambe," and that the outfit has been in production for years before the Harambe incident, according to Inquisitr. However, that won't stop people from telling everyone at the party that they are dressed as "Sexy Harambe" this coming Halloween.

Check out some of the ridiculous tweets about Harambe Halloween costumes below:

Earlier in August, Twitter user @Lauren_Alyse24 tweeted, "Most people love Halloween for the candy and I'm just excited for someone to break out the sexy Harambe costume." Well, you can rest assured Lauren that these costumes have already arrived.

Not only has the Internet been constantly sharing Harambe memes, but now Twitter users have been sharing pictures of the gorilla costumes they plan on wearing this Halloween.

Do you think these Halloween costumes take it too far or is it all in good fun?

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