How to Reuse the Home Décor You Already Own

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So you’ve got the itch to update your home, but you think you don’t have the budget to do so. You don’t have to give up on your décor dreams just yet! We have two words for you when it comes to refreshing your space without spending a dime: interchangeable accessories.

We all get a little restless with our home décor every now and then, but the answer isn’t always buying more things. Believe it or not, many accessories you already own can be used as multipurpose décor, saving you time, space and money. With just a little creativity, you can repurpose these interchangeable accessories for a stylish and free home décor update today!

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Let there be light
We all know the right lighting can make or break a room; create chic hanging lamps by turning your old storage baskets or sisal planters upside-down, stringing a light bulb through them and hanging.  

The Decor Fix
(Photo: The Décor Fix)

Revamp your headboard
If your bedroom is feeling a little stale, don’t reupholster your entire headboard. Instead, simply drape a bold, geometric blanket or textile over the top or go all out and wrap it around the entire thing for the easiest quick fix and a whole new look.

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Get creative with crates 
An old storage crate or milk crate can serve as so many things: a magazine holder, a bedside or end table or simply a place to display pretty things like candles, vases and picture frames.

Vanessa Christenson
(Photo: Vanessa Christenson)

DIY Terrarium
Incorporating greenery is the quickest way to achieve a fresh, earthy feel — just use a cake platter with a glass dome to display your succulents or other small plants on a shelf or counter in a modern, elegant way.

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Stylish storage
Don’t spend money on pricey glass containers for storage — simply save the glass from your prettiest burned-down candles for beautiful and stylish organization everywhere from your dresser to your bathroom counters.

Living With Libby
(Photo: Living With Libby)

Stack books for dimension
Take all of those old books out of the attic and put them to good use by stacking colorful spines to give height to lamps or vases, or simply to fill a big, open space.

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