The Tools You Need to Snap Your Most Successful Selfie Yet

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Selfie sticks are so 2015.

Nowadays, there's no shortage of new and effective ways to snap that perfect selfie without contorting your entire body into painful positions or having part of your arm peeking into the photo — and then, after all that work, deleting the final product due to that monstrous zit on your chin.

Between apps that let you smooth out annoying blemishes and add a little color to your washed-out lips, to brilliant contraptions that let you become your very own professional photographer, it’s easier than ever to get your selfie sessions down to a science.

Before you post that next Instagram, make sure you’re using these ingenius tools to ensure the most successful selfie ever. 

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If Kim Kardashian – the queen of selfies — is an avid fan, then we’d better add this app to our selfie tool kit immediately. This app allows you to do minor facial tweaks or undergo a full makeover including shaping your eyebrows, reducing the appearance of dark circles and even contouring your face shape. If bold, adventurous makeup is your thing, you can even try out different shades of lipsticks, eye shadows and unique hairstyles and colors.

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Joby GripTight GorillaPod Magnetic XL
Another important aspect to a successful selfie is the distance factor: the further you can get your phone away from your face, the more flattering and less distorted the image turns out. So if you’re self conscious about visible pores, a bad makeup day or a pesky pimple, use this handy smartphone tripod that helps you get a good selfie from more than an arm’s length away. It simply grips your phone and then attaches to a magnetic, bendable tripod you can quickly and easily set up anywhere.

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LuMee Light Up Case
The first rule of a solid selfie? Lighting is everything. But it can be tricky to capture the right amount of natural light when you’re indoors or when the sun has already set. That’s why selfie connoisseurs rave about the LuMee light up case, which is a plastic hard-shell case with its own built-in selfie flash that channels the same sort of amazing lighting you’d find in a bathroom vanity. An added bonus: it runs on its own battery so it won’t eat up your phone life.

(Photo: Cam Me)

Cam Me
When you just can’t trust a mirror to tell you if your outfit is on point, reach for this helpful app that lets you take a selfie of your ensemble without having to hold your phone. The app reacts to your hand movement so that you can step back, make the motion of clicking a camera button with your hand, and then watch your selfie magically appear.

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(Photo: Gabba Goods)

Gabba Goods #TheSelfie Remote and Bluetooth Remote
There’s nothing worse than snapping a selfie and having part of your arm in the photo. Remedy that with this selfie remote, which allows you to take a photo from a good distance away from your phone, making it much more convenient to take group shot selfies. There are two options: #TheSelfie Remote lets you take photos from 4.5 feet away, and #TheSelfie Bluetooth Wireless Remote is a battery-powered wireless remote that lets you take photos from up to 30 feet away. Both options are super portable and allow you to upload your pictures straight to your favorite social media outlet quickly and seamlessly. 

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