Spruce Up Your Style With This Sassy Take on a Classic Accessory

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If all of your statement necklaces are starting to feel a little stale, we have a sleek, on-trend alternative you’re going to love: the neck scarf.

No, we’re not telling you to raid your husband’s closet although that would probably save you some money. This look is all about the modern neck scarf sometimes interchangeable with a necktie, but so much more versatile than its archaic cousin. Pair it with a fitted blazer for the office, an edgy bomber jacket for Saturday night or even a flowy skirt for an ultra-feminine edge. A neck scarf is the perfect way to freshen up your look the easy and unique way. 

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With a fitted blazer
Step up the sophistication when it comes to your office attire by adding a silk neck scarf to your usual fitted blazer.

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With a casual button down
Casual button downs are a closet staple year-round, so freshen up the look by adding a striped neck scarf to add interest to a traditional top.

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Long and loose
A skinny scarf hanging long and loose gives a modern feel to the look; on-trend fringed booties keep the whole vibe feeling current and chic.

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With a long skirt
Bandana scarves or neckerchiefs, have a tendency to feel a bit causal so try to balance the look by pairing it with a long, flowy, feminine skirt for a daintier approach to the trend.

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Mix-n-match prints
Tap into your bold, daring side by playing with prints and mix or match a funky neck scarf with a fun top of a completely different color and pattern for a playful, fresh look.

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With a bomber jacket
The of-the-moment bomber jacket looks amazing with basically everything, but we love it most with a colorful neck scarf to soften the look.

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Tie it in the back
Switch things up a bit by tying the bow in the back for a dramatic and gorgeous view from behind.

Before you begin styling, check out our Womanista Approved neck scarves with detailed information on where to buy them, how to wear them and why they're our editors' favorites. 

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