8 College Majors That Promise Great Starting Salaries

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Most of the time we can hardly decide which pair of pants to put on in the morning, let alone make big decisions that will affect the rest of our entire lives. So needless to say, sometimes much more important decisions – like what to study in college, for example — can leave us feeling paralyzed.

But there is new research helping you to take a little of the guesswork out of choosing a college major when it comes to being successful right out of the gate. According to a recent report from Michigan State University’s Collegiate Employment Research Institute, there are certain majors that on average garner much higher starting salaries than others. If you’re in need of a little inspiration or direction, you're going back to school, or if you have a teen and you'd like to shoot some advice their way, check out which degrees will earn you a great starting salary.

Sports management
Median base salary: $43,156
Entry level jobs: personal trainer, production assistant

Chemical engineering
Median base salary: $65,000
Entry level jobs: process engineer, chemical engineer

Median base salary: $54,900
Entry level jobs: financial analyst, accountant

Fashion design
Median base salary: $50,000
Entry level jobs: textile designer, stylist

Mechanical engineering
Median base salary: $68,000
Entry level jobs: design engineer, project engineer

Median base salary: $45,475
Entry level jobs: marketing coordinator, account executive

Computer science
Median base salary: $70,000
Entry level jobs: web developer, software engineer

Graphic design
Median base salary: $45,846
Entry level jobs: web designer, art manager

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