LIFE HACK: The Genius Way to Remove a Stuck Ring

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Swollen fingers aren’t just uncomfortable and unattractive, they’re also a direct path to stuck rings.

If you've ever gotten a ring stuck, you know how incredibly frustrating and helpless it feels. But before going through a tub of butter or, even worse, getting your precious jewelry sawed off, we suggest trying this brilliant hack.

With the help of a common bathroom staple, you can easily give your stubborn ring enough room to slip right down your finger. 

What You’ll Need
Dental floss

Now What?
1. Cut a piece of dental floss about one foot long.
2. Turn your hand face up and thread one end of the floss under your ring, leaving only a small piece left sticking through.
3. Wind the floss down the length of your finger going in a circular motion.
4. Pay special attention to wrapping tightly around the knuckle, to compress the swollen tissue and give the ring room to move.
5. Secure the end of the dental floss through the last loop.
6. Go back up to the piece of floss near your palm and start to unwind. When you roll the floss back down your finger, the ring will move with it until it slips right off!

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