No Green Thumb Necessary: 5 Hardy Plants for Your Home

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What’s a Womanista to do? We’re totally lacking anything that resembles a green thumb, yet we still want to have beautiful, life-giving greenery in our homes. 

The answer is to focus on resilient, enduring houseplants that can withstand almost anything — including your notorious black thumb.

Incorporating live plants into your home is a wonderful way to add vibrant color, vitality and a breath of fresh air to your space. But don’t let the overwhelming pressure of keeping them alive stop you from delving into the greatness of green; simply opt for one of the hardy plants below for low-maintenance décor that’ll refresh any room in your home.

Succulents come in endless shapes, sizes and varieties and are probably the cutest little plants we’ve ever laid eyes on. They do amazingly well with very minimal watering – about once every other week – and they thrive in warm, arid climates with indirect sunlight. Make sure to purchase a succulent with thick, fleshy, bright green leaves, which will give it a better chance of surviving indoors. 

Fiddle Leaf Fig
We are head over heels in love with fiddle leaf figs, and for good reason; they are beyond gorgeous, you can put them in big, beautiful pots of all styles and they can easily fill up a huge space in your home (they can grow up to six feet tall!). Don’t let what you’ve heard about them scare you away: water them weekly, let the soil dry out completely between waterings, and keep them in the brightest spot in your home and you should successfully enjoy all the benefits of this pretty plant.

Rubber Tree Plant
A rubber tree plant doesn’t just look good, it also imparts purifying properties that are great at removing chemical toxins from the air around you. Another perk is that you can choose your rubber tree plant based on how big the area is you want to fill — these plants range from one foot to eight feet tall. These plants do best with medium to bright light and warm temperatures.

Snake Plant
Besides being super hardy, snake plants look amazing anchoring the ends of a mantel. They’re also a great choice because they excel at adapting to a variety of growing conditions. There’s no real watering schedule when it comes to these gems; simply water them when you feel like the soil is dried out or the leaves look a little droopy.

Air Plant
Air plants are exactly what they sound like: plants that live on air, and just a little bit of water. They can grow without soil, making them a super low-maintenance and clean option for indoors. They thrive best in well-circulated areas with warm temperatures and bright, indirect sunlight. For best upkeep, fill a spray bottle with water and spritz the leaves about once a week. We love mounting them in glass terrariums and hanging them around our homes.

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