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There's nothing quite like the thrill of stumbling upon an incredible sale; that J.Crew dress you found would look amazing regardless, but it somehow looks that much better knowing you paid a fraction of the price for it. 

We how important it is to master the art of discount shopping, which is why we just couldn't keep these discount shopping tips and tricks to ourselves. So the next time you find yourself eyeing that pricey velvet top, do a little digging before pulling the trigger. You might be surprised just how easy it is to bulk up your wardrobe and save money while doing it! 

Ann Taylor
The next time you need to make an Ann Taylor run for fresh, new office attire, stop and check your email first. This store sends out promo codes three times each month offering up to 50 percent off of full price items.

Old Navy
Besides having constant sales on a variety of items, Old Navy also offers Super Cash, which are coupons you earn based on your total purchase that you can spend during specific periods throughout the year. For example: if you shop now, you’ll receive $10 for every $25 you spend, and you can use your Super Cash when you come back to the store any time between November 29 and December 4.

The Gap
Keep an eye out for most holidays at this store, including ones like President’s Day and Memorial Day; you’ll find huge savings like up to 40 percent off all full-priced clothing for a few days. Also make note of the semi-annual friends and family sale which comes around in March and November.

Snag your favorite preppy classics here, but only when they’re having a “flash sale.” Each month, J.Crew advertises discounts on a particular group of clothing like tops or dresses, and the flash sales can slash up to 30 percent off of the regular price.

Victoria’s Secret
You’re probably already very familiar with this retail giant’s semi-annual sale, and for good reason; prices on your favorite intimate staples like bras, underwear and sleep shorts are all marked down over 50 percent two times a year.

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