LIFE HACK: The Correct Way to Apply Glitter Polish

(Photo: Getty / Jason Merritt)

Glitter nail polish is one of those things that’s amazing in theory — but sometimes the final product doesn’t translate. In our minds we’re channeling that Pinterest-inspired, Insta-worthy glitter mani, but somehow it turns out looking patchy and uneven, with some nails looking gloopy and others with scarce and erratic patterns.

The secret to a picture perfect at-home glitter manicure is easier than you might think! The brilliant, simple trick lies in a common cosmetic tool you probably already have in your makeup bag.

What You’ll Need
A base coat polish
A glitter polish
A cosmetic sponge
A top coat
Liquid latex (optional)

Now what?
1. Apply your normal base coat.
2. Take the liquid latex and line the skin around your nails to protect it from getting polish on it.
3. Apply your favorite glitter nail polish onto the edge of a small makeup sponge.
4. Simply dab the sponge onto each nail. The sponge begins to soak up the actual polish, leaving behind only the pretty glitter.
5. Peel off the liquid latex, if you used it.
6. Apply a reliable top coat to prevent chips and knicks.

Hayley Simmons |

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