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Whether you’re planning a relaxing honeymoon in an exotic locale, a much-needed girls trip in the heart of a bustling city or a corporate jaunt for your company, there is one thing that remains the same: the stress level.

Booking flights, finding hotels, reserving rental cars, navigating your way around confusing foreign streets, knowing where to eat-- we could go on and on. The list of anxiety-inducing tasks that go into planning any trip feels never ending; and don’t even get us started on packing.

But when it comes to travel preparation, your iPhone can come in handy for more than just texting your friends about how stressed you are. From finding the most cost-efficient flights to booking incredible hotels to helping you communicate in foreign languages, these are the must-have apps to download before your next jetsetting adventure.

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Hopper is more than just a flight-booker; this award-winning mobile app helps you strategize and tells you when the best time is to buy for the best deals and to save the most money. Simply select your destination and the app tells you whether you should purchase the flight now or wait for a better deal, as well as what the latest date by which you should book tickets.

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Whether you’re making holiday travel plans months in advance or you’re in need of a last minute room for a spontaneous trip, Agoda will help you find and book the best deals on hotels and other accommodations. The app lets you easily filter your search by location, price and other requirements like free breakfast or free cancellation policies, and it allows you to rack up additional savings and promotions exclusive to the app.

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Keeping up with separate tickets, confirmations numbers, reservations and itineraries can be tedious and overwhelming; keep them all in one spot with this brilliant app that combines all of your pertinent travel info. You can access your master itinerary on your smartphone, tablet, computer or wearable device anytime, even when you’re offline or while in-flight. Plus, it’s super easy to share with friends and family for convenience and security purposes.

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Packing Pro
Packing might be the most stressful part of all when it comes to planning and executing your travel; you can streamline the entire process with this handy packing app that guarantees you’ll never forget anything at home ever again. Create lists of necessary items based on things like your destination’s climate and how long you’ll be there, plus enjoy helpful little reminders like making sure you packed your passport or foreign currency.

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Billed as the ultimate transport app, Citymapper helps you combat all the challenges of city life and successfully navigate your way around a city you’re not familiar with. Find the quickest and easiest routes to get to your destination, get real-time updates about road closures and delays that update every minute and track down the closest cabs to get you where you need to go fast.


Google Translate
When traveling abroad, you’ll never have to worry about not being able to read or communicate in another language again. With Google Translate, you can quickly and easily decipher over 103 different foreign languages verbally and visually with brilliant functions like the instant camera translations, which allows you to hold your phone over a piece of text and have it translated instantaneously.

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