Pretty Holiday Barware for a Merry Happy Hour

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If there’s ever a time to pull out your fanciest barware, it’s during the holiday season. Between Christmas parties, New Year's Eve celebrations, gift exchanges or just cozy nights at home by the fire, barware like sassy champagne flutes and brightly-colored shakers are a necessity to fully complete the experience.

Sometimes drinking boxed wine out of an old coffee mug is totally acceptable we aren't judging but there are times when you've got to step up your booze game. Channel some majorly festive vibes this holiday season with some of the most gorgeous barware to help get the party started in the most stylish way. 

West Elm
(Photo: West Elm)

The Tools
Tap into your inner mixologist with this 1950s-era barware collection in a glamorous gold finish.

(Photo: Express)

The decanter
The decanter is a vital part of your barware collection, so make it the star of the show with a sleek retro-inspired design with tinges of glamorous gold meant for serving in style. 

Nordstrom Yay
(Photo: Nordstrom)

The champagne glasses
Let your champagne glasses do the talking for you — express how you really feel about sipping on your favorite bubbly this season.

Anthropologie Shakers
(Photo: Anthropologie)

The shaker
Opt for a glass cocktail shaker in a colorful, festive hue that looks as good sitting out on your barcart as it does filled with a delicious concoction. 

Betsy White
(Photo: Betsy White)

The napkins
Keep the accessories simple, like crisp, white napkins with shiny metallic details that will seamlessly blend into your beautiful spread.

Kate Spade
(Photo: Kate Spade)

All-purpose glasses
Mix up drinks of all kinds and sip stylishly from playful, gold polka-dot glasses that somehow manage to make your drink taste that much better.

Hank and Hunt
(Photo: Hank and Hunt)

The bar cart
You can’t host a holiday soiree without the nucleus of the entire event: a beautiful bar cart to house all of your pretty glasses, tools and of course your favorite wines.

World Market
(Photo: World Market)

The serving tray
Keep an elegant serving tray on hand with a footed base to place on tables, ottomans and other surfaces so every guest gets stylish access to cocktails and apps. 

(Photo: Anthropologie)

The fun extras
And don't forget the chic accessories to complement your gorgeous set up, like cork screws, coasters and chic bottle stoppers.

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