The Christmas Decoration You Can Use All Year

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One of the best things about Christmas is the abundance of bright, shiny lights everywhere we turn. Whether they’re outdoors wrapped around bushes or indoors draped across a mantel, there’s just something about those festive, twinkling lights that never fails to instantly lift our mood and put us in the Christmas spirit.

You don’t have to risk your life climbing on top of your roof with a string of lights and a staple gun in order to achieve a dreamy Christmas look. Check out some of our favorite, easy ways to use Christmas lights to bring the holiday season to life in and around our homes!

Urban Outfitters

Spell it out
Let your Christmas lights express the way you feel about the holiday season. Use string lights to spell out words or phrases that make you feel warm and fuzzy around Christmastime.

Paul and Paula

On the walls
Drape strings of lights across a wall to brighten up any room; then, hang meaningful photos or fun Christmas cards from friends and family so you can admire them all season long.

House and Garden

From the ceiling
Feel like you’re walking in a winter wonderland in your own home by streaming lights down from the ceiling for an ethereal vibe.

Heather Hawkins Photography
(Photo: Heather Hawkins Photography)

On a chandelier
Hosting an elegant outdoor dinner party around a cozy fire pit? Make sure you include a light-wrapped chandelier for a festive finishing touch.

Steven Michael Photography
(Photo: Stephen Michael Photography)

Wrapped around trees
Step away from the ladder don't worry with hanging lights on your house when you can simply wrap them around the trees in your yard to create a gorgeous oasis. 

(Photo: Terrain)

In place of candles
Fill glass lanterns with strings of delicate string lights instead of candles for a unique twist on your ordinary lighting.

Urban Outfitters ladder

Threaded through a ladder
Make a decorative ladder even more amazing by threading fairy lights through and around the steps for an easy accent piece that’ll complement any room in your home.

Atlantic Pacific
(Photo: Urban)

On a wreath
Garland wreaths are a Christmas staple in many homes  elevate your ordinary wreath by stringing colorful lights through it to brighten up your front porch.

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