Digital Santa is Real: 5 Ways Your Kids Can Connect to St. Nick via Tech

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If you have kids, you’ve been there: you spend all morning getting your littles dressed up in their adorable Christmas outfits, load the family up in the car and make the trek to the mall to wait in a two hour line to catch a glimpse of Santa — only to witness your kids commence full meltdown-mode when it’s finally their turn.

The holidays are already stressful enough; take some of the hassle and strain out of the equation by letting your kids talk to Santa from the comfort of your own home — while you peacefully sip on a mug of spiked hot cocoa.

That’s right, you and your family can now contact the big man in red thanks to some pretty cool advances in technology this holiday season. Grab a computer or a smart phone, your coziest PJs and some Christmas cookies and let your kids chat with Santa using one of these brilliant methods.

1. Send him an email.
Use this website to help your kids write a letter to Santa any day of the year. Santa will write a magical letter back instantly — no email, address, phone number or last name required.

2. Download an app.
Use the Portable North Pole app to send your kids a personalized message from Santa as he’s preparing for his upcoming Christmas Eve flight around the world. Using special customization features, Santa will praise your kids for how good they’ve been all year — or, if they're on the naughty list, he’ll offer words of encouragement.

3. Tweet at him.
Santa delivers updates all season long via his official Twitter account, including exciting, live Christmas Eve updates from him and the reindeer, too. There are prompts to retweet certain tweets if your kids want to be added to the #NiceList.

4. Call him up.
Allow your kids to dial up 951-262-3062 to reach Santa’s personal hotline and hear a jolly recording from the man himself about being good throughout the holiday season. Your little ones can even leave a message on Santa’s voicemail with their gift requests for the year.

5. Watch his live webcam.
Your kids can receive exciting updates straight from the North Pole on Christmas Even by watching his live webcam. Add to the fun by tuning into the live Reindeer Cam as well.

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