Simple and Stylish Designer Ways to Upgrade Your Bathroom

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Between living room makeovers, kitchen renovations and bedroom styling, there’s one room in our homes that tends to get overlooked: the powder or bathroom.

But there’s so much potential hiding in this small space, according to Nashville-based designer Lori Paranjape, and little changes can have a big impact. From hardware to lighting to some of the most fabulous wallpaper we've seen, Paranjape shares her top six tips and tricks to upgrade your bathroom. 

Stoffer Photography
(Photo: Stoffer Photography)

Quick Change
“The quickest and cheapest way to make the powder room feel refreshed is adding a new accent color in the form of new hand towels, luxury hand soap and a bright candle,” Paranjape says. This approach is simple and inexpensive and, best of all, a quick fix.

Studio McGee
(Photo: Studio McGee)

Go Vintage
The powder room can be the perfect spot to incorporate a vintage rug. "When you go vintage, you get the built-in durability of an older rug," she explains. "It's not pristine and prone to showing every drop of water, so a small 2x3 vintage style is perfect for the powder room floor."

Pottery Barn
(Photo: Pottery Barn)

New Hardware
Depending on the age of your house, the hardware may be original and quite possibly, builder-grade. Paranjape sees this as a great excuse to splurge on a chic new towel ring and toilet paper holder. "They are two things you use and touch daily, so make them fabulous."

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(Photo: Lori Paranjape)

Boldly Brass
"If you've been wanting to participate in the gold rush, the powder room is a safe place to play. Change your faucet out to the brass you've been envying without needing to commit to the whole house."

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(Photo: Attic Fire Photography)

Bright Idea
One of Paranjape's favorite ways to change the mood of a space is with new lighting. "In a tiny powder bath, lighting makes a huge difference. Change your vanity light, or add a chandelier to the ceiling  brilliant!"

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Pass the Paper
But there's one upgrade tactic she prefers over everything else: fresh wallpaper. "Go for something daring and a little outside if your comfort zone," she stresses. "A powder room is tiny and a great place to really go for it with pattern and color. I like to think of the powder room as a jewel box, so glam it up!"

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