Ditch the Wrapping Paper With These No-Fail Creative Holiday Wrap Ideas

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There’s nothing worse than sitting down to wrap your loved ones’ gifts and realizing you're out of wrapping paper— on Christmas Eve  no less. But your lack of commerical wrapping paper can actually lead to your best gift-wrapping session yet, thanks to these unique and creative ideas that use materials you probably have lying around your house already.

The next time you're faced with an empty cardboard paper roll, don't panic instead, try your hand at one of these brilliant alternatives both you and the receiver will love. 

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Channel your inner Joanna Gaines with this rustic wrapping look using textured burlap; top it off with complementing accents like pinecones and holly leafs.

Drawings under the table
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Recycled Material
Help save the earth and wrap a cute box with this brilliant idea: turn an old potato chip bag inside out, wash it well with soap and water, lay it out to dry then wrap away!

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Sheet Music
This one goes out to all of our musical Womanistas! Use some old sheet music you don’t need anymore to wrap your gifts; the white and black sheets pair beautifully with red ribbons and bows.

Sew Many Ways
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Plastic containers
One of our favorite holiday gifts to give — and receive — is fresh, homemade cookies. Instead of wrapping them up in a box like usual, take plastic juice or potato chip containers, rinse them out really well and load them up with your treats, topping them off with festive ribbons

Lisa Maria Williams
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Wrap your gift in serious style with a scarf you no longer wear for a super chic paper alternative that saves you both time and money.

The Gunny Sack
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Mason Jars
A gift in a jar isn’t only impressive, it’s fun to make, too! Pick a theme, like this at-home Spa Night, and fill the jar with mini versions of everything needed for a relaxing home spa treatment.

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Old maps
If you’re gifting a world traveler, show them you care about their hobbies and passions by scooping up an old map and using it to wrap up their special gift.

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