Get Comfortable With Fancy Sweatshirts for Holiday Gatherings

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With the holiday season comes plenty of parties, which means lots of dressing up. It's fun to wear swanky dresses, but some weekends, the thought of changing out of our cozy yoga pants and t-shirt combination seems simply unfathomable. 

But you can have your cake and eat it, too in the form of fancy sweatshirts that will give even the most extravagant dresses a run for their money. Paired with faux leather leggings, a sequin skirt or even just your favorite skinny jeans, these gorgeous sweatshirts make the perfect comfy-yet-stylish ensemble for any holiday gathering.

Thássia Naves
(Photo: Thássia Naves) 

Who needs a statement necklace when you can have a whole statement sweatshirt? Play up the fringe trend with layers of tassels for a festive vibe. 

Net a porter MESH
(Photo: Net-a-Porter)

Show just the right amount of skin this holiday season with the help of see-through, mesh panels for a sexy, sleek look.

(Photo: J.Crew)

Polka dot
Take a vintage-inspired, classic silhouette, add a retro polka dot pattern, and you’re left with the coolest sweatshirt that can carry you from Christmas parties to your New Year’s Eve bash.

A Pair and a Spare
(Photo: A Pair and a Spare)

Even the most basic grey sweatshirt can instantly feel fancy with a bold pattern of shiny jewels and eye-catching beads.

La Leonella
(Photo: La Leonella)

Bows soften any look and provide an element of playfulness, femininity and whimsical daintiness. 

Pair a quotable sweatshirt with a sequin skirt for a one-of-a-kind ensemble that will make a statement — literally — and turn every head at the party. 

(Photo: Jan Welters)

Cold Shoulder
The cold-shoulder style has been the "it" look throughout summer and fall, so it only makes sense to rock a cold-shoulder sweatshirt this winter to finish the year strong. 

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