Trendy Alternatives to Your Standard New Year’s Eve Dress

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If Black Friday is the Super Bowl of shopping, then New Year's Eve is the Super Bowl of fashion. What you wear to bid adieu to 2016 and usher in 2017 sets the tone for a brand new year and a brand new you — not to mention the fact there's bound to be endless photo opps — so looking amazing is a non-negotiable.

But if you’re not feeling your usual cocktail dress this year, don't be afraid to forego that typical NYE ensemble and opt for a fresh, new look. You’re not doomed to the "Worst Dressed List" just yet. Whether you're spending it at a fancy soirée or from the comfort of your living room, there are plenty of ways to look festive and chic on New Year's Eve that don’t require dresses at all.

Fashion Me Now
(Photo: Fashion Me Now)

Velvet Pants
Buttery velvet takes any ensemble to a new, luxurious dimension by combining a modern trend with sheer, timeless elegance.

Etsy The Couture Kitten
(Photo: Etsy / The Couture Kitten)

Festive Tee
Skipping the fancy soiree and heading to your bestie’s for a night of takeout and wine on the couch? You can still look festive in a casual ensemble with a celebratory champagne-themed tee

Happily Grey Romper
(Photo: Happily Grey)

Embellished Romper
Planning on dancing the night away? Us too — that’s when you reach for a gorgeous romper allowing you to move freely and be comfortable while still maintaining those chic NYE vibes.

Gal Meets Glam feathers
(Photo: Gal Meets Glam)

Feathered Skirt
If New Year’s Eve isn’t a reason to bust out the feathers, then what is? You’ll feel fanciful and playful in layers of ethereal feathers that will get you party-ready as soon as you slip into it.

Dash of Darling
(Photo: Dash of Darling)

Sequin Leggings
We’re all about sequin everything right about now — but our favorite way to rock them is by sporting a pair of bold, daring leggings that will make you forget all about your NYE dresses of the past.

Walk In Wonderland
(Photo: Walk In Wonderland)

Tulle Skirt
Tulle of any kind channels whimsical, ultra-feminine vibes, especially in the form of a flowy skirt paired with sky-high stilettos.

Micah Gianneli
(Photo: Micah Gianneli)

Tuxedo Jacket
Your guy isn't the only one who can rock a tuxedo jacket in the spirit of such a celebratory evening; pair yours with shorts and heeled booties to soften the look and give a feminine edge.


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