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If you’ve already mastered the recent slicked back hair trend, we’ve got yet another sleek style for you to debut ASAP: oil slick lips. 

The shimmery trend is inundating the beauty world with its mix of metallic hues layered on top of each other to create a whimsical, iridescent finish that mimics the swirly effect given by real oil. Top it all off with a swipe of clear lip gloss and you’ve got a mesmerizing look that sort of makes us feel like mermaids — and who doesn’t want to feel like a mermaid?

If your usual matte lip feels a little stale lately, take your lip game to new levels with these boldly beautiful oil slick lips. 

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(Photo: Instagram / @marinemumford)

Rainbow Ombre
Ombre isn't just for your hair and nails anymore — incorporate the look into your makeup routine with these daring lips for a fresh, playful style. 

Pinterest Dark Vampy
(Photo: Stylosophy)

Dark and Vampy
If you're bold enough to try a red lip, go a step further by choosing a deep, rich red with golden metallic layers. 

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(Photo: YouTube / @kasekathleen)

Pretty Pastels
Ease into the look by dialing back the color intensity a little with these soft, pale pastels that look delicately feminine. 

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(Photo: Instagram / @makeupforeverofficial)

Hi-Def Gloss
Everything's better with lip gloss, go for extreme gloss like this festive look to perfectly pair with any party dress.

(Photo: Instagram / @theminificent)

Mega Metallic
Step up the shine factor and rock an ultra-metallic version of the look for a head-turning pout that really pops. 

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(Photo: Imaxtree)

Bold and Beautiful 
As if the slicked look wasn't bold enough, go for a strong pop-of-color like red or deep purple adorned with a lighter inner lip color or touches of glitter.


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