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Bookshelves are typically a big focal point in your space and, if styled incorrectly, they can end up taking away from your room instead of enhancing it. Tossing in objects here and there haphazardly can have your shelves looking like a collection of random, unrelated objects and turn your space into a stressful, cluttered mess.

That’s why it’s imperative to strategically choose accessories when styling your shelves in order to curate a gorgeous yet balanced look that can still maintain extreme functionality.

Ashley Poskin
(Photo: Ashley Poskin)

Plants and fresh greenery bring life and energy to your space. Additionally, every plant also has a different look and personality, making them the perfect way to add a breath of fresh air to your home.

(Photo: Emily Henderson)

Natural textures
Natural elements bring instant texture and warmth to any area. Opt for pieces like a driftwood branch, rugged deer antlers or natural woven baskets all in neutral tones and colors.

Amber Interiors
(Photo: Amber Interiors)

Books are the obvious choice for filling a bookshelf, but sometimes we forget how incredibly useful they can be as a styling tool. Beyond being a convenient and functional place to store your favorite reads, book covers bring different colors, textures and patterns to your space and can be placed vertically or horizontally and used to create different heights on your shelf.

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Personal Items
Layer your shelves with things you love and that are important to you: keepsakes, travel souvenirs, personal photos and mementos will make you smile every time you walk past them.

Jennifer Young
(Photo: Jennifer Young)

Art Pieces
Displaying favorite art pieces on your bookshelves helps to add depth and dimension to your space while still allowing the art itself to shine. Plus, it’s the perfect way to infuse your own personality into a room and allow guests to see a little deeper into your interests and lifestyle.

Studio McGee
(Photo: Studio McGee)

Interesting Objects
Vintage vases, geometric shapes, crystal sculptures and bowls filled with small objects are great ways to add dimension, personality and interest to a space in the most eclectic way.


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