8 Nourishing Beauty Swaps for the Winter Season

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We all have our tried and true beauty products we’ve become die-hard fans of — the ones we’ve been swearing by for years and wouldn’t dream of trading. But there comes a time when you might have to part with your favorite face wash, and that time is winter.

When the weather outside is frightful, your skincare and beauty routine crave a major facelift. The products that work well throughout the other seasons don't necessarily translate to a winter routine, and you might have to make a few tweaks in order to combat the toll harsh temps take on your hair and skin. Pack away your usual staples and opt for some of these beauty swaps for the winter season, then shop our Womanista Approved winter moisturizers

Face wash
In what may be the most important swap of all, your foaming face wash should get a winter makeover when the temperatures drop. Help your skin adjust to the cold, dry weather by opting for a cream-based cleanser instead, like CeraVe Hydrating Cleanser.

Face moisturizer
When your skin is wind-chapped, raw and cracked, you need something gentle with a mild but effective formula. Choose a lightweight cream with sunscreen —because the sun exacerbates dryness — like Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer SPF 30.

Eye cream
The skin around your eyes is thin and delicate, leaving it thirsting for extra hydration during the winter and sadly, leaving it prone to showing more fine lines and wrinkles. Moisturize and smooth that soft skin by smearing on a liberal dose of Yes To Coconut Ultra Hydrating Overnight Eye Balm which includes virgin coconut oil, shea butter and argan oil for intense nourishment.

Lip balm
We love scented, tinted lip balms as much as the next girl, but they could be drying out your chapped lips even more. Switch to unscented, clear balms with thicker formulas like Nivea Lip Butter that come in pots or tubes and help to create a protective barrier on you lips.

Body wash
There’s nothing worse than dry, itchy skin under those cozy, chunky sweaters. Combat leathery skin by switching to an ultra-hydrating body wash like Peter Thomas Roth Mega-Rich Body Cleanser, which contains moisturizing beads that release nourishing vitamins A, C and E leaving skin soft and smooth.

Body lotion
Body butters will become your best friend when it’s frigid outside, especially on those stubborn dry patches that pop up on elbows, knees and knuckles. Keep a tub of Origin’s Smoothing Souffle Whipped Body Cream on hand to slather on after showers, as it contains nourishing olive, grape seed and apricot kernel oils that leave skin with a veil of velvety softness.

Switch out your regular foundation for a tinted moisturizer like Josie Maran Argan Tinted Moisturizer that’s a tiny bit darker than your usual shade. That way you can warm up your skin and give it a tad more color while combating the inevitable dryness and keeping things dewy and glowing.

Hair prep
Cold, dry air typically results in flat, limp locks since there is less moisture in the air. To combat a drab do while still making sure your mane stays hydrated, make sure to grab a go-to product that smoothes and softens your strands without weighing it down, like L’Oreal Paris Hair Expert Total Repair Dry Oil.


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