LIFE HACK: The Genius Trick to Fixing a Broken Nail

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Breaking a perfectly manicured nail is one of our most annoying beauty mishaps, ranking right up there with smudging our mascara or, even worse, coping with a spray tan gone wrong.

Sure, you can simply file the nail down or take a pair of nail clippers to the crime scene, but there’s actually a better solution to this pesky dilemma in the form of a common kitchen item: tea bags. With just a few simple steps, you can take your jagged, pointy broken nail and make it look good as new with the help of this brilliant beauty hack.

What You’ll Need
A dry tea bag
Your base coat of choice
Clear polish
Nail file
Nail buffer

Now what?
1. Cut a small strip of a dry tea bag to fit over the nail that’s broken.
2. Paint on a base coat of your choice.
3. Adhere the strip to your nail.
4. Paint another coat of clear polish over the top; let dry.
5. Once the nail is dry, file down the excess tea bag with your nail buffer.
6. Gently buff the nail to your liking and apply a coat of clear polish to the top, then enjoy your new and improved nail!


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