Self-Care Rituals You Should Be Practicing for Mind, Body and Soul

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Around this time of year there’s a lot of “goal” talk surrounding New Year’s resolutions, renewed ambitions and vows of improvement. Sure, it’s great to aim to be an all-around better human, but sometimes too much goal-setting can weigh us down with an enormous amount of pressure and anxiety. 

That’s why, while you’re reaching for your goals, it’s imperative to incorporate self-care rituals into your routine in order to bring mindfulness and balance to your life.

True self-care is not just another thing to check off your to-do list. Healthy rituals consist of constant repetition of little habits that, over time, soothe your mind, body and soul. By consciously controlling your self-care rituals and making sure to prioritize your wellness physically, mentally, spiritually and emotionally — we have more confidence, more energy and simply more happiness in our day to day lives.

Whatever your self-care rituals look like, make sure to categorize them by daily, weekly and monthly practices to take better inventory of your routines and help them to feel more attainable.

Giving ourselves a little bit of love and attention can go a long way. Here are some of our favorite rituals that will hopefully inspire your own!

Before looking at email or social media, take 15 minutes to sip a cup of hot tea or coffee, clear your mind and feel thankful for the day ahead of you.

Pay complete attention to something that you normally do on complete autopilot, like eating your breakfast or even driving your route to work — you’ll be surprised how many more pretty trees, colorful buildings or happy pedestrians you notice when you do.

Take a hot shower at the end of the day before getting into bed to wash away any negative energy.

Take a healing bath once a week: use an exfoliating gel to slough off dead energy and leave you feeling renewed, or add a few drops of lavender essential oil to your bathwater to calm your mind and relax your body. 

Make one small change to your diet for the week; that can mean drinking one extra glass of water a day, adding a handful of spinach to your morning smoothie or making sure to eat fresh, wild-caught fish one night a week.

Every Sunday evening – the calm before the storm of the week light a few candles and turn on a guided meditation to focus on being present. If you're new to meditating it can be intimidating; take baby steps and begin with just five minutes and work your way up for a clear head and renewed energy for the upcoming week. 

Set aside time for a digital detox; refrain from checking social media accounts and if possible, try to limit any texting or unnecessary phone calls. Your cleanse can last anywhere from a few hours to a few days, it’s completely up to you.

Pick one day a month when you have a little down time to work on transcribing your thoughts and feelings; pick out the prettiest journal you can find, sit in the grass or on the porch and journal whatever is on your mind at the moment to help you cope with latent emotions and clear your mind.

Every so often, splurge a little on something that makes you happy. This doesn’t have to be extravagant — it can even just be springing for the fancy coffee with coconut whipped cream instead of your usual black version to put a smile on your face in the morning.


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