LIFE HACK: The Right Way to Use a Beauty Blender

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We’re not judging but…you’ve probably been using your beauty blender all wrong.

Ask any beauty aficionado what her most celebrated and esteemed beauty tool is and we guarantee she will respond with her beauty blender. If you’re not familiar with it, a beauty blender is a soft, pliable makeup sponge with a tapered shape that allows you supreme access to every nook and cranny on your face.

If you thought you’d mastered the art of the beauty blender, you might be surprised to know that there is a big step you might be missing — read on to see if you’re correctly completing step one of beauty blender 101. 

What You’ll Need
Clean towel
Beauty blender
Foundation of choice
Liquid concealer of choice

Now What?
For Foundation:
1. First and most importantly, dampen your sponge by running it under water. This is the step most people neglect and it makes all the difference!
2. Squeeze out the excess moisture using your clean towel, which helps to prevent the sponge from soaking up too much product and wasting your makeup. It also helps the makeup to go on smoother and more natural looking with a semi-sheer finish.
3. Put a little foundation on the fat, round end of your beauty blender, then start dabbing it on your skin in a bouncing, tapping motion.
4. Take special care not to swipe or wipe the beauty blender across your face, as it will cause streaking.

For Concealer:
1. Again, wet your sponge and dry it off with a clean towel.
2. Pat your liquid concealer all around underneath your eyes with the pads of your fingers until there are no more blobs and it smoothes out.
3. Take your sponge and, using the smaller, pointy end now, dab all around your eyes in a light tapping motion.
4. Squeeze the sponge in the middle to make the sponge more rectangular in shape, producing an even pointier end. Take this pointier end and maneuver it into the creases and crevices of your eyes.
5. Make a mistake somewhere along the way? Don’t panic! Simply use a dry beauty blender to buff away a blush overload or obvious foundation lines. Drag it across the mistake and the texture of the dry sponge will work as an eraser.


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