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With a new year upon us, Womanistas, it’s finally time to refresh and rejuvenate our palettes with a shade for our homes that arouses a zesty vivacity to our lives and symbolic of new beginnings. Yes, we’re talking Pantone’s Color of the Year — the lush, nature-inspired hue, ‘Greenery.

As a shade that reconnects us to nature and the larger purpose of our lives thanks to its neutrality, Greenery is a trans-seasonal shade that lends itself to numerous color combinations, and a hue we can integrate into our homes for a more modernized look that breathes life into our style.

Los Angeles based interior architect and designer, Stefani Stein loves the new Pantone pick, calling it a lovely accent color, especially for flat or matte finishes, and a shade that works beautifully in traditional, contemporary or eclectic environments.

“I can see it elegantly at home on the cabinetry and millwork in a traditional library or study, or as an accent color incorporated with throw pillows or on dining chairs,” she says excitedly.

Consider furniture
Stein says Greenery is a shade that definitely takes center stage on large-scale furniture pieces.

“Try pairing it with organic elements [that have] natural wood finishes,” she says. “The Anthropologie sofa, Slub Velvet Mina Settee is a great example of incorporating Greenery.”

Displaying the shade with a lush velvet finish, Stein says the plush textile effectively softens the intensity of the color for a look that’s both chic and trendy. Moreover, to truly make the color pop, Stein recommends pairing it with a wooden table, such as the abstract Redlands Table made of 100 percent reclaimed and salvaged wood.

Think about accents
With a new year ahead, so many of us will want to keep our expenses down and find ourselves unable to commit to big furniture purchases. But as Stein shares, there are ways to liven up your home with Greenery through added texture and layers.

“Pillows, studio pottery, lampshades, table lamps, books and plants are places where you can incorporate Greenery without the commitment that goes with large-scale furniture pieces and wall treatments,” she says.

As Stein shares, plants are a natural winner with this color, adding that the variegated leaves of the ‘Song of India’ plant give the visual effect of Pantone’s Greenery.

Don’t be afraid of painting
It might be bold to imagine, but painting your room with Greenery doesn’t have to be a scary thought at all. Not only can it create a statement and play to your aspirations, but Stein says it can be very lovely as an accent wall or even in a small enclosed space, like a powder room.

“Consider how intense or bold your ambitions are,” she says. “For something more soothing and relaxing, try Portola Paints and Glazes in Ultra Flat, Baize #065.”

Consider contrast
“Greenery works really well in a monochromatic setting with tonal variation,” she says. “It also pairs nicely with neutrals like sand and oatmeal.”

For a bit of contrast, Stein recommends pairing the Pantone approved color with a navy blue or blush hue for an effect that stands out.

How much is too much?
When it comes to adding Greenery to your home, Stein says it’s all about how comfortable you are with the shade.

“Each person’s comfort level with bold or impactful colors varies differently,” she says. “[It’s] important to discern how much drama or formality you want in your space, versus a more relaxed and subdued environment.”

Stein advises if you are unsure of an area, start small. If you want to update your look without the larger commitment, Stein mentions accents like pillows are an easy way to add a pop of color.

Stein’s favorite home accents
To help make your decision and add a piece of ‘greenery’ in your home for a zesty, revitalized look, Stein recommends five of her favorite home accents that utilize Pantone’s shade for a stylish expression that’s unique and trendy.


Arcade, Mineralia C Vase
1stDibs, Marble Quotation Bookends
Zak + Fox, Pillow in Sauvage Raffia
Voutsa, Monkey Lampshade
Serena & Lilly, Brahms Mount Herringbone Throw in Apple


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