The World’s Cutest Ways to Celebrate Valentine’s Day With Your Kids

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Before you had kids, Valentine’s Day might have involved relishing a slow, candlelit dinner with your significant other, enjoying a few bottles of wine and maybe even whipping out that complicated lingerie with all the confusing straps that you could never quite figure out how to operate.

After kids, your Valentine’s Day probably looks a little — okay, a lot — different. Maybe there’s no elegant dinner, and the thought of lingerie is downright laughable. But you still most definitely have the wine, if you know anything about parenting 101.

But changing the way you're celebrating doesn’t mean it can’t be enjoyable. Celebrating Valentine’s Day with your kids can be one of the sweetest, most special times for you and your family — not to mention one of the most fun. Between homemade crafts, sweet treats galore and heart-shaped everything, your little ones will love getting to feel totally adored and spreading the love on February 14th.

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Start the morning on a sweet note

Begin celebrating from the moment your little ones wake up by serving a festive Valentine's-themed breakfast. These Cupid’s Arrow Breakfast Skewers feature every kid's favorite cereal, Fruit Loops or Cheerios, plus fresh, juicy fruit. Let your kiddos dip them in yogurt, eat them straight off the stick or disassemble them in a bowl with milk for a fun-filled morning.

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Get crafty

Spend quality craft time with your cuties while capturing a sweet moment in time by commemorating your little one’s tiny fingerprints with this Heart Thumbprint Platter. Once finished, the platter (or mug or plate - whatever you want to use!) serves as perfect Valentine’s Day décor on the counter or a shelf, plus it’s a great place to store all of your delicious heart-shaped treats. Bonus: it makes a great gift for grandparents!

creative me inspired you
(Photo: Creative Me Inspired You)

Upgrade your DIY cards

Anyone can fold up a card and glue a Hershey’s Kiss to the front of it; this year, help your kids take school valentines to new levels with these adorable Hogs and Kisses DIY School Valentines made from toilet paper tubes and construction paper. They will love seeing their classmates' faces light up at the sight of these unique, fun gifts. The best part? There's candy hidden inside for a surprise treat!
Source: Creative Me Inspired You

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Pack lunches with love

The only way to make every kid’s favorite food even better is by cooking up a plate of Mini Heart Shaped Pizzas. Turn Valentine’s Day dinner into a festive pizza night by using heart-shaped cookie cutters to create these cute pizzas with your littles, or make them the day before and surprise your kiddos with a heartfelt, delicious lunch.

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Don't forget the decorations

Everyone loves to get a love letter telling them just how special they are, especially on Valentine’s Day. This year, don’t just write a love letter to your kids, get creative with it and make a Love Letter Valentine’s Day Bannerfeaturing assorted envelopes decorated whimsically for the holiday and filled with words of affirmation. This adorable bunting is easy to make using materials you probably already have.

hello little home
(Photo: Hello Little Home)

Bring on the sweet treats

Valentine’s Day wouldn’t be complete with an amazing sweet treat, and we’re loving these Shot Through The Heart Cake Pops for an adorable dessert to bring a big smile to your kids’ faces. Made with a base of moist chocolate cake, covered in pink and white frosting and topped off with a cute golden arrow piercing each heart, these treats make the perfect sweet surprise for your kiddos on the day of love.
Source: Hello Little Home


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