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There are certain universal things we all want: to magically have the entire contents of Rachel Zoe's closet, to look like Jillian Michaels without lifting a finger and to get a fresh-from-the-salon blowout from the comfort of our own homes. Although we can't give you Zoe's wardrobe and we're pretty sure you're going to have to do a few squats to get Michaels' butt, we have some good news: a DIY salon-level blowout is more than achievable (with just a little work!).

Making our way to the salon every time we want a fresh blowout requires extra time and extra money we don't always have; but we're not giving up on the hair of our dreams just yet!

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No salon? No problem. An amazing at-home blowout is at your fingertips and you don’t even know it yet. If you’re thinking you’re not cut out for the process of washing, drying and styling your mane like the pros do, think again: with our easy step-by-step process, you have the power to give yourself the perfect blowout your friends will totally swear was done by your favorite blowdry bar.

1. Use your towel the right way

The key to starting off on the right foot is to remove all excess moisture from your hair before bringing the heat; but remember, gentle is the name of the game. Use a very soft towel to gently squeeze water out of the hair without twisting and turning it, causing breakage. Start at your scalp and slowly blot dry, working your way down to the very ends.

2. Do the prep work

A good prep spray is one of the most important steps before bringing a dryer or a brush close to your strands. Based on your hair’s own needs, prep sprays help prevent frizziness, add volume, provide heat protection, lend moisture and hydration and so much more. Choose your product based on your problem areas and spray hair all over before rough-drying your hair about 75 percent of the way using your fingers to tousle your hair.

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3. Choose the right brush

Once hair is 75 percent dry, it's time to whip out your brush — but not just any brush. That means staying away from stiff, plastic versions which can cause frizz and lead to hair damage. Stick to a 100 percent boar bristle brush for safety and efficiency. 

4. Mix up your technique

Don’t use the same motions and angles the entire time; instead, try first brushing your hair forward towards your face while blowdrying. Then, brush it all towards the back of your head while blasting with heat. Lastly, dry it straight downward. Using this sort of variety can help eliminate any cowlicks and kinks and helps the hair to lie beautifully smooth.

5. Get the perfect shape

We all crave that perfect bouncy shape, especially in the front to frame our face. Take the front section of your hair on one side and pull it straight out in front of your nose—the put the brush on top of the hair and roll it down the hair section. Blast this section with heat from the underneath while rolling the brush up and away from your face; repeat on the other side. This will give off an amazing round, bouncy effect that helps shape your face and gives volume.

6. Use the diffuser

If you’re not into the straight, smooth look but would rather play up curls or waves, bust out the diffuser and lean your head back or flip it over to dry. If you have naturally curly hair, you’ll probably want to use a leave-in curl cream to combat frizz. If your hair is straight but you crave waves, spray in a texture mist before using the diffuser.

7. Make it last!

The hardest part about a blowout is making is last! The key here is using your ponytail to your advantage. If you’re wanting to keep a stick-straight style, pull your ponytail to the nap of your neck so that the hair stays flat. If you’d rather have curls and bouncy volume, pull the ponytail high on top of your head and into a topknot. Don’t use elastics which leave dents; opt for scrunchies instead.

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