Pittsburgh Penguins Fans Are Celebrating Their Stanley Cup Victory in the Most Disturbing Way

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In today's news that makes you want to roll your eyes and vomit simultaneously, the city of Pittsburgh is celebrating the Penguins' fifth Stanley Cup win in quite a disgusting manner: by eating raw, dead catfish. Watch the videos from social media if you dare.

We go live to Pittsburgh where they're eating catfish

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The Penguins beat the Nashville Predators 2-0 Sunday night to win their second NHL championship in a row, and while the game was in Nashville, the heathens/fans in Pittsburgh were celebrating in full force.

If you're just as confused as you are disgusted, know this: Nashville hockey tradition directs the throwing of catfish onto the rink to bring good luck. This quirky tradition has brought forth many chilly, well-publicized appearances from catfish this postseason in both Nashville and Pittsburgh (one catfish thrower in Pittsburgh was even arrested — and later released), so it was only natural that Pittsburgh fans celebrate their victory by eating raw, dead catfish. Obviously.

We'd say we admire these Pittsburgh fans' grit, but after a disturbingly symbolic stunt like that, we're honestly worried about their well being. And their bowels.


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