9-Year-Old Shaves Head for Family Friend Who Is Battling Cancer

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Imagine at 9 years old that your first haircut was a complete head shave. Well, this was the case for Chloe Njapa and it didn’t scare her one bit, it was actually her idea!

Njapa wanted to shave her head after she saw her family friend, Erica Woda, lose her hair due to chemotherapy. Woda was diagnosed with breast cancer five months ago and has been in Chloe’s life for over five years, according to Inside Edition.

Chloe’s mom, Krista Njapa, said it was difficult to tell her children about Woda’s diagnosis, but it was after a visit with her that Chloe came up with her brave idea.

"Later that night Chloe came to me and said, ‘Mommy would you support me if I decided to shave my hair off?’ ” Krista told Inside Edition. "She also asked me if she would still be beautiful and I said, 'yes, you’ll be beautiful no matter what you do.'"

A week later, Chloe had researched organizations that she can donate her hair to and even made a pros and cons list for her decision.

“When I initially heard about Chloe's decision I was so touched, but not surprised. Chloe is that type of kid. Very sensitive, wise beyond her years and incredibly kindhearted. She came to this decision 100% on her own, crazy to imagine a 9-year-old deciding to do such a selfless thing,” said Woda.

Chloe donated her hair to “Children with Hair Loss” to help make wigs for children who have lost their hair due to illness.

Her family even started a GoFundMe page in honor of Woda to share her story. They have already raised $7,500 of its $10,000 goal. 

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