10-Alarm Fire in Massachusetts Has 'Miraculous' Outcome

| Firefighter

A Cambridge, Massachusetts 10-alarm fire blazed through the night just outside of Boston in the Fire Chief Gerald Reardon is calling a “miraculous” outcome.

According to CBS, the fire started just before 3 p.m. on Berkshire Street and triggered ten alarms within 30 minutes. The fire reached nearly 11 buildings and multiples cars, with more than 130 firefighters from 18 companies trying to tackle the flames.

Officials say the fire is the largest they have seen in Cambridge since the 1980s.

Power was shut off during the fire due to exposed wires in the nearby areas leaving nearly 1,700 people without power.

One building had also collapsed during the fire and Reardon says nearby construction was happening in another.

A handful of people suffered minor injuries and have already been released from the hospital. 

“This is a miraculous situation,” Reardon said in a statement. “This looked like a ball of fire across the street, it looked like something you would see in a war zone when they first showed up. The fact that it happened in daylight, and people were up and around and cognizant of what’s going on versus sleeping at night is obviously something in our favor. We are very fortunate here that we’re not looking at a serious series of fatalities.”