Two Cats Found Safe in Demolished Home After a 10-Alarm Fire

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A woman is finally reunited with her cats after a 10-alarm fire.

Christina Jeffrey is a Cambridge resident who was separated from her two 10-year-old cats Mac and Cheese during a fire that blazed through her apartment last week. Lieutenant Brian Casey with the Cambridge Fire Department’s Engine Nine says he was monitoring residual fires near Berkshire Street on Sunday he was asked my two people if he had seen the cats and decided to enter the smothered home on a whim to see if he could find any sign of them.

That’s when fate stepped in, the two were huddled together in a barely-noticeable bedroom closet in the back of the home very much alive.

“They seemed petrified,” Casey said. “They were huddling and meowing and came with me very willingly,” he told the Boston Globe. “I’m not really an animal person myself, I don’t own any animals, but I understand people do love their pets and animals in general, and I was happy that I could do that for them.”

Casey said he didn’t expect to find the cats in such good shape, considering some people lost everything they owned in the fire.