Man Writes Open Letter to the Teens Who Allegedly Started Fire That Killed His Family

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A father is remembering his wife and two daughters who passed away in a wildfire in Tennessee back in November. Michael Reed shared words of compassion rather than anger towards the two teens who allegedly lit the fire. "I forgive you. My son forgives you. My wife and beautiful girls forgive you," Reed wrote on Facebook.

"We know you didn't mean for this to happen," he said. "We know you would take it all back if you could." Reed and his 15-year-old son evacuated immediately and waited outside the home for the rest of the family.

"They said there were flames across the street," Reed told a local news station a couple weeks back. "I told them to call 911 and get out, and that was the last I heard from them."

Reed’s family was among 14 others who were killed in the fire that destroyed 1,700 homes.

"You may be too young to understand this, but even through this tragedy I can feel God with me and my son. I have felt my wife and daughters touch me from Heaven. I have seen them give me signs that they are looking down on us," the grieving father said. "They are happy. They are at peace. They are together."